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Pizza machines

Caplain offers a complete range of equipment for pizzerias, from kneading to baking: mixers, dividers, rounders, shapers and ovens.
This reliable, robust and compact equipment facilitates the production of traditional products.

Our pizza machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of pizza-making. Our mixers ensure even, efficient kneading of the dough, giving you the perfect texture. Pizza dividers and rounders help you portion and shape dough with precision, saving you time and ensuring consistent production. Our shapers are designed to give your pizzas a uniform shape and a professional finish. They enable you to produce pizzas of different sizes and thicknesses with ease. Finally, our electric pizza ovens offer fast, precise baking, ensuring a crisp crust and even cooking of your pizzas. Trust Caplain Group to supply you with quality pizza machines, electric pizza ovens and pizza pelletizers, enabling you to create tasty, authentic pizzas. Would you like to open your own business? Caplain can help you make it happen!

Any questions?

If you'd like to open your own bakery and find the right equipment, Caplain Group can help you get started. Contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: RE

If you are interested in purchasing Caplain Machines or Panirecord machines, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: so that we can direct you to the right dealer.

All our machines are manufactured in France at our Brie-Comte-Robert plant in the Seine-et-Marne region, as well as in Europe. Come and discover our factory.

If you are a professional and would like to test our equipment, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: