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Mixers are essential for all professionals: pastry chefs, bakers, laboratories and kitchens. They can be used to produce all types of mixes, kneads and emulsions, with homogeneous results. Their versatility means they can be adapted to all types of product: sauce, soft dough, cream, etc. Their ease of use and precision meet the demands of professionals.

Our professional mixers are highly reliable. They can handle large quantities of dough ranging from 10 to 140 kg, depending on the model. Equipped with multiple accessories, they can be used to make pizza dough, shortcrust pastry, mousses, creams, meringues, ganaches and many other preparations. When you opt for a professional mixer, you benefit from a number of advantages. You save time by quickly making preparations that usually require a lot of effort and time, and you diversify your productions. The end result is always consistent and of professional quality. Our models vary in capacity, power and functionality, so don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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If you'd like to open your own bakery and find the right equipment, Caplain Group can help you get started. Contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: RE

If you are interested in purchasing Caplain Machines or Panirecord machines, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: so that we can direct you to the right dealer.

All our machines are manufactured in France at our Brie-Comte-Robert plant in the Seine-et-Marne region, as well as in Europe. Come and discover our factory.

If you are a professional and would like to test our equipment, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: