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Water chillers enable the production of a quality product by maintaining a constant dough temperature. They are mainly used by professional bakers.

Thanks to our high-performance bakery water coolers, you can precisely control the temperature of your dough, ensuring ideal fermentation and optimal flavor development. Your breads will rise perfectly, with a soft texture and crisp crust, and your pastries and viennoiseries will be light and tasty. To make it even easier to use, you can add a water dispenser. Discover our water coolers :

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If you are interested in purchasing Caplain Machines or Panirecord machines, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: so that we can direct you to the right dealer.

All our machines are manufactured in France at our Brie-Comte-Robert plant in the Seine-et-Marne region, as well as in Europe. Come and discover our factory.

If you are a professional and would like to test our equipment, please contact us at +33(0)160021919 or by email: